About us

Our home is situated at the foot of Glen Lethnot and Glen Esk, in the Angus Glens gateway to the Cairngorms National Park.   We started showing in 1995 with our first Akita - Nike' (Laird of Glenesk) a large red male who did us very proud and was shown in later years by our Grand-daughter Claire who won the Scottish Junior Handling in 2001 under Marion Spavin at SKC.   Since then we have 6 Akitas and at present only 1 remain.  Redwitch Serious Business at Lethnot , thank you Dave & Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure for letting us have this great dog.  In 2002 we had our first Shiba Inu Pearlebefree Phoenix Arisen from Don & Barbara Goudie and we now have 8. In 2003 we had Cherkhan Rythm'n Blues from Jane McKinnon, we kept 3 of our own breeding and recently have had a bitch Rynard Pheonix from Don & Susan Jackson.   Puppies occasionally available to vetted homes.

Phoenix , Kansas and  Reno out on a walk with Ian



Views around Lethnot - Ian with Dixie and Dallas

Willie Nelson - On the road again !

http://www.freewebs.com/lethnotshibainu/01 On the Road Again.wma